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Family Game Night 4 Review

"Experience your favorite Hasbro brand games like never before with new fun twists on the popular games you know and love!"

Mr Potato Head is back to host in this fun filled family friendly game. It is available for Wii, Xbox 360 with Kinect and PS3 (Playstation Move).

Family Game Night 4 contains 5 different games for you to choose from to play.

First is Connect Four Basketball - In this game you play against your opponent and try to get 4 balls in a row on the giant connect 4 board. Your opponents is also trying to get 4 in a row, using different colored balls, while trying to stop you from getting 4 in a row. It is a fun game of strategy.

Next is Sorry! Sliders. Sorry was one of my favorite games as a child and I still enjoy it. In this game, the object has a similar premise to shuffle board. The object of the game is to slide your piece down the on screen board game. Each team has two sliders. The object is to land your slider on the right part of the board…