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Just For Men AutoStop review

My husband gets greys by his side burns and a few throughout his head and has been using Just For Men products for years. Recently, when I told him about the New Just For Men AutoStop, he was curious to see how it worked.

My husband isn't much into the process of measuring and mixing, so when he saw how simple it was to use and that there was no mixing involved, he was impressed. The comb in application made it so easy for him to use. No mess, nothing to touch. He just combed in the color, waited and rinsed. There is no ammonia or peroxide in this product.

His color looked so natural. It blended perfectly with his natural hair color. There was no mess to clean up and it literally only took 10 minutes minutes from start to finish.

We will definitely be using Just For Men AutoStop from now on.

*** I was given the Just For Men AutoStop product by for review. No other compensation was received. The reviews expressed are those of my husband and I and yours may vary. Please read all ingredients and instructions before use. ***