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        I received the following hair care products from Parnevu to review:

         T-Tree Shampoo

        T-Tree Leave-In Conditioner

        T-Tree Cream Glosser

The first thing I want to say is that these products smell amazing. They have a light, soft scent that left my hair smelling wonderful!

The shampoo had a nice lather and rinsed out easily.   It kept my hair feeling moisturized and my scalp felt clean and itch free.

The conditioner left my hair soft and manageable. My scalp felt great and I noticed less dry flakes after using it.

I used the glosser before drying my hair. It contains a humidity guard to hold in moisture and keep my hair looking smooth.  I also used it on my hair when it was dry to give it even more shine.
It worked well and left my hair looking shiny.

I really like these products and like how they performed on my hair, which is usually dull.  My hair looks great and feels great.   

These products are reasonably priced and available online.

You can learn more about these products by visiting Parnevu 




  1. I would love to try these products! Your hair looks absolutely fabulous! Thanks so much for the review. It's nice that they smell good too.


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