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Wrapitz Decorative Sheets Review

If you watch QVC, you are probably familiar with Lori Greiner.  Lori has great items to help keep people organized.

One of Lori's newest product introductions are Wrapitz Decorative Sheets.  These are so clever and fun to work with.  They really make decorating fun and are reusable!  These sheets are very durable and there are 4 patterns  in each set with 3 sheets of each. This makes a great stocking stuffer and holiday project with children as well as  yourself. 

I had so much fun using the Wrapitz. Here is one of the  items I created:

I turned a plain jar into a holiday candy jar

I will be posting more fun Wrapitz  ideas in the near future.

If you would like to see a video on how the Wrapitz work, visit :$uslarge$ and click on the video link.

If you are interested in purchasing Wrapitz or any of the other wonderful products from Lori Greiner please visit her website.  Be sure to check her out on Social Media for updates on her products and appearances on QVC!

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  1. Very cute. When I started reading the post I thought "what on earth would I wrap?" but the candle idea is really great. And since they are reusable, I think that could save me some money each year on Christmas decorations!


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