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Rent, Buy or Sell College Books is an online resource for Renting or Selling Text books online.

Do you have a child attending college? Do you attend college yourself?  If you do, you know how expensive it can be to purchase college textbooks.  With you can save money by renting the books you need.  Just provide them with your list of books or ISBN numbers and they will send your books directly to you.  You can choose from 3 different rental periods. When you're done you can print out a shipping label and return the books for free. It's that easy.  You can even qualify for a discount if you rent three or more books.

You can also earn money by selling any unwanted college textbooks that you no longer use.

CBR wants to give you the most cash for your used textbooks! They offer fast, secure payments, and will even pay for the shipping!
Use their  Sell Textbooks search bar to find the textbook you would like to sell to CBR.
Choose whether you would like to be paid via check, PayPal or CBR credit.
Ship your books to CBR at no charge!
Receive your payment and start spending your cash!

Disclosure:  No compensation was received for this post.