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Lemi Shine Really Made A Difference For me

 I have hard water in my home. Whenever I run my dishwasher I have spots on my glasses and usually have a film on my pots and pans.

 LemiShine made a visible difference in my routine washing. I added LemiShine Rinse to my dishwasher. It is specially formulated for hard water. I also added LemiShine powder to my load, along with my usual gel-pac of dishwashing cleaner.

 When the load was done, I was very pleased with the results. My glasses had no spots and they were shiny and sparkling. I just thought to myself "Wow it works great!".

 I've never had results as good as this in my dishwasher. I continued using Lemi Shine for past week and each time I have gotten great results every load.  I am a fan for life.

 You can learn more about Lemi Shine and where to locate their products by visiting .

 Disclaimer: I received products to review. All opinions expressed are my own honest opinions and yours may differ.