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Vote for my Stuffed Taco Burger Made Easy

My family loves burgers and tacos.  So, when I decided to make an entry for the Stuffed Burger Competition, I decided to combine the two.  This recipe is simple and delicious and will be loved by all!

You will need the following ingredients:

1 lb. ground beef
1 pkg of taco seasoning
shredded mild cheddar cheese
lettuce (shredded)
tomato (diced)
sour cream

I used the Stuffed Burger Press from to help prepare my  burger.  This really made it simple for me to make a beautiful stuffed burger.

I began by combining my ground beef with 1 pkg of taco seasoning until well blended.  I then place 1/4 of the lb in my press and formed my burger.  After the burger was formed I turn the burger presser over and use the handle to form an indentation in the burger.  I place a small amount of cheddar cheese in the cupped indentation and then place another 1/4 lb of burger on top and press the burger again.

After the burger is formed,  I press the edges together with my …

Win a $100 Giftcard from Wholly Guacamole!

The Wholly Guacamole® brand wants to help you make lunch for you and your kids OMGuac -tastic!  After all, Wholly Guacamole is the Offical sponsor of the OMGuac Lunch!

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The One Lunch, Two Ways gives you inspiration on how to create two completely different lunches with most of the same ingredients! Take a look and print out the shopping list for your favorite ideas. 

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Disclosure: I received product coupons from Wholly Guacamole  for my post.

Amazing Avocado Frittata Recipe and Giveaway has so many wonderful cooking tools to help make cooking in the kitchen fun.  These tools include their Avocado slicer that allows you to slice an avocado effortlessly in seconds.

I have created a simple frittata recipe using only 5 ingredients and it is delicious! First slice 1/2 tomato and 1 avocado (Be sure to squeeze a little lemon juice on your avocado so it doesn't brown. has a wonderful citrus zester and reamer that makes it easy. ______________________
In a bowl combine 3 eggs and 1/8 cup of milk and wisk together.   Add black pepper to your liking. Place wisked eggs in an oven safe, non stick frying pan that has been coated with cooking spray. Arrange avocado and tomato in pan. Place on your cooktop and cook for 3 minutes and then place in a preheated 350 degree oven.
Cook in oven until eggs are thoroughly cooked. (Times may vary depending on your oven)
Remove from oven and slide onto a plate. Garnish with lemon and serve.

I sprinkled some lemon…

Win Better Than Bouillon Bases (5 winners!)

I love to cook, but sometimes I need a bit of help in the flavor department.  One product that I always keep in my home is Better Better Than Bouillon Stocks.  They are available in several flavors, including Beef, Chicken, Vegetable and Chili!  

Superior Touch also has Vegetarian, Organic, Low Sodium and Kosher bases.

They add so much delicious flavors to the meals that I make at home.

One of my favorite and easiest recipes to make with the Beef Base is my own version of Shephard's Pie.  Here is the recipe:

Brown 1 lb. of Ground Beef and drain fat.  
Add 1 bag of mixed vegetables (corn, green bean and carrot)
Dissolve 1 tbsp. of Better than Bouillon Beef Base in 16 oz of water and add to ground beef and vegetables.
Heat until vegetables are fully cooked.

Pour into a pie dish

In another pot make mashed potatoes.  You can either make homemade or instant.

Place cooked mashed potatoes on top of beef and veggie mixture and serve.

Of course in my home the beef and veggie mixture never makes the p…