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Ageless Derma Special Clay Masque Review

I spend a lot of time outdoors during the Summer months, and living close to the city leaves a lot of impurities in my skin.  There also is a high humidity level during those hot months which makes my skin more oily, which leads to the occasional break out.

Ageless Derma has a wonderful Special Clay Masque which really helped to soothe my skin and clean out my pores.  It removes the impurities and toxins and helps regenerate my skin cell.  It leaves my skin feeling soothed and refreshed.  It didn't over-dry my face like some masks do.

I like to use the Ageless Derma Special Clay Masque once a week.  It is so simple to use. I just wet my face and apply a small amount all over my face.  After about 10 minutes,  I rinse it off.  My skin feels so clean and refreshed. 

You can learn more about the Ageless Derma Special Clay Masque as well as other Ageless Derma products by visiting their website at

Disclaimer: I received the product mentioned to review in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions expressed are my own personal opinion and yours may differ.