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Giving Comfort - Helping those with Cancer


Giving Comfort is a wonderful organization that helps provide comfort kits to people with cancer who struggle to pay for basic needs.

This year over 1.6 million people in the United States will be diagnosed with cancer.  Giving Comfort, a nonprofit program of the McKesson Foundation, provides cancer patients with Comfort Kits.  These kits are care packages that are filled with essential items that help ease with the discomfort that is caused by treatments received by patients.  The kits are received free of charge through a network of Distribution partners, which includes hospitality houses, cancer treatment centers and support communities.  You may also purchase a kit through their e-store.  All proceeds go towards kits for those in need.

Sending a Comfort Kit to a loved one, friend, neighbor or colleague who is going through cancer treatment makes a lovely gift;  and knowing that the profits go towards funding more Cancer Kits for low income recipients is even more fulfilling.

There are various kits to choose from including teens, men, women, girls and boys.  The kits are stuffed with a soft blanket, warm socks, soothing tea, moisturizer, lip balm, a sleeping cap and so much more.

Having a mother in law who was diagnosed with inoperable brain tumors this past year, I know that these items are essential for cancer patients.  Through radiation my mother in law was always very cold and her lips and skin became very dry and raw.   Little comforts like the ones in this kit made and still make a world of difference for her during her remission.

My mother in law was so gracious when she received her Giving Comfort kit.  She thought it was so wonderful that someone could care so much about her and provide her with such wonderful and useful items.

Giving Comfort, founded in 2012, has distributed more than 14,000 Comfort Kits in 33 states. 

For more information on this wonderful organization and to send your own  Comfort Kit, please visit their website at .  Thank you.

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Disclosure:  As a member of socialmoms. com I will receive a comfort kit for the person of my choice (my mother in law) as a part of this post.  However, all opinions expressed are my own honest opinions.