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I love to create new, fun ideas to serve to family and friends.  Sweet Creations by has so many wonderful items to help me create sweet treats including:

Cupcake Papers
Cake Pop sticks

These items were so simple to use and were very good quality.

Since Thanksgiving is coming soon, I decided to make some fun gingerbread turkey cupcakes .  I got the recipe from

To make the turkeys I used both  large and small cupcakes that I made  using the above mentioned items from

I decorated the top of the large cupcake with orange frosting.

I also decorate the top of one mini cupcake with frosting  for the head and added candy eyes, a candy corn nose and a dried cranberry for the wattle. I placed it on top of the cupcake and held it in place with a toothpick.

To make the turkey feathers I fanned open a mini cupcake and trimmed the bottom.  I inserted a tootpick to hold it in place.  

If you would like to use these as place makers for your dinner guests, you can pipe the guest name on the tail cupcake.

Another sweet creations product I used was cake pop sticks.  I decided to make brownies and cut them into Fall shapes using cookie cutters.  I then decorated them with fall colored candies and sugars.  I inserted cake pop sticks into the bottom of each.  A good trick is to dip your stick into melted chocolate before inserting it.  This helps it stick better.

This was an easy project and it makes a wonderful thank you gift for guests.

You can learn more about these products and all of the wonderful Sweet Creations products from Goodcook by visiting

Disclosure:  I received products from to help facilitate this post.  All opinions expressed are my own and your experience may differ.