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Les Cinq Amandes (The 5 Almonds) Confections & Gifts

As I opened up the beautifully boxed confectionery almonds I received from Les Cinq Amandes, the first thing I noticed was a slip of beautiful rice paper that told the story of how the name of the company came to be.

In the mid 17th century  Europeans celebrating weddings would often  offer their guests  five confectionery almonds symbolizing wishes for health, happiness, wealth, longevity and fertility. Les Cinq Amandes, Home of Artisanal Dragees  & Confectionery, is proud to continue this tradition, not only by offering the finest and most innovative hand-made dragees but also by renewing the set of 5 wishes to Health, Happiness, Longevity, Peace and of course Love.

I  love that this tradition is being continued today.  I find it to be both thoughtful and romantic. carries many beautiful confections for any special occasion and their website makes it so easy to design exactly what you would like to offer your guests.  You can choose from Artisanal Chocolate,
Artisanal dragees , Signature Gifts, Custom Gifts and Event Favors for any occasion.

Here are the beautiful samples that were sent to me.

These are just a few of the options and color combinations that you can choose from to offer your guests.  Each gift is carefully and thoughtfully packaged  beautifully.

The confections are deliciously hand made. 

There are also many other packaging options.  Here are a few:

Baby  Baby Knit Pouch

Baquette Baguette Pearls

Chic Carre
Chic Carré

Business gifts
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Be sure to visit their website for all of your confectionery gifts.

Disclaimer:  I received sample products for review from Les Cinq Amandes through Brand Backer. All opinions expressed are my own and yours may differ.  No monetary compensation was received.