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Eatrageous Non-GMO Chips #glutenfree

I love to snack, maybe a little too much.  Lately I have been venturing beyond my usual snacks to find new products that taste great and I feel better consuming.

Eatrageous has delicious Non-GMO, gluten free  snacks that are unique and delicious.  I love these penne shaped chips.  They have a great crunchy texture and are full of flavor.

They are available in 4 unique flavors including sea salt (vegan), crunchy mac n'cheese, sweet & smokey bbq and wasabi ranch.

They all taste great but my 2 favorites were the mac n' cheese and sweet & smokey bbq.   

You can learn more about Eatrageous products by following them on Twitter or Facebook.  

You can purchase them in stores or online by visiting their website.

Learn about how Eatrageous gives back to the community by reading about their hunger mission.