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Get FREE Recipes Catered to Your Specific Dietary Needs #allergies #vegan #diet #paleo #celiac

Fitsme is a food discovery and meal planning app that aims to make the process of finding food that you can eat easier. They analyze every ingredient in every recipe and adapt their intuitive Pinterest-like interface to show only dishes that fit your tastes and dietary needs. Sifting through 100's of recipes only to find a few that you can eat is time consuming and frustrating. They wanted to create a tool that made it quick and easy to find recipes you can eat based on your individual dietary needs and food preferences.

This meal planning app is perfect for people who:

- have food allergies
- follow a strict diet, such as vegan, paleo, pescatarian, etc
- would like help with meal planning
- eat a specific way to attain a physical goal (body building)
- have been diagnosed with a life threatening illness, such as cancer or diabetes, and need to change eating habits
- have little time to find recipes or to plan meals
- love cooking
- are registered dietitians or nutritionists
- personal trainers

Join today and discover a whole new world of food catered to you!