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Roux Maison Eco Friendly Detergent

Roux Maison is an environmentally friendly, vegan laundry detergent which was designed to preserve your fabrics without all of the harsh chemicals.  Each  PBA Free 16 oz. bottle can wash 40 machine loads of laundry or 80 hand loads. For more specific information about this product, please visit the "Why Roux Maison" section of their website at

This product is highly concentrated and requires less water.  It is hypo-allergenic for sensitive skin.  My husband's skin is very sensitive.  This requires me to take extra care when washing his clothing.  I usually will not change detergents when I find one that doesn't irritate his skin.  I have been using Roux Maison on his clothing and he has not had any negative reactions.  The results have been wonderful.  His clothing look and smell great.

The scent of the Ambrosia Roux Maison is very pleasant and not too strong.  It is a lavender based scent that is created using 100% essential oils.  This product is also available in Sweet Tea and Fragrance Free scents.

To learn more about all of the wonderful qualities possessed by Roux Maison Laundry Detergent, their other quality products, or to make a purchase, please visit  their website at

While visiting the Roux Maison website, also be sure to visit their Cleaning Tips section for any questions you may have for your laundry.

Disclosure: I received this product to review.  All opinions expressed are based on my own personal experience.  Your opinion may differ.