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New Fragrances From Around The World! #BBWInsiders

Bath and Body Works has a new line of Fragrances From Around The World and I was lucky to receive a sample to review.

I love fragrance.  I also like variety, and love to  wear whichever scent corresponds with my mood for the day or evening.  The new Morocco Orchid and Pink Amber scent is so wonderful.  It has an alluring mix of exotic orchids and vanilla warmed by pink amber.  It reminds me of an island oasis.

I also received a White Barn Garden Party 3 Wick Candle that smells like a fragrant garden.  It really is a beautifully soft and feminine floral scent.  The 3 wicks create a beautiful glow and allow for more fragrance in my home.  It's a perfect scent for a luncheon get together, bedroom or sun room.

All 3 wick candles are currently on sale at Bath and Body Works for a limited time.

Disclosure:  I received samples of these products.  All opinions expressed are based on my own personal experience and opinion.   Your opinion may differ.  No monetary compensation was received.