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Influenster Keeps Me In the Know

I have been a member of Influenster for a few years now.  I love the format they use.  They make me aware of new and existing products and allow me to share my thoughts and ideas with the companies that produce them, as well as my friends and aquaintances.

Influenster allows companies to connect with new people and improve their products and relationships with their consumers.

Over the years I have received great perks from Influenster.  Themed boxes filled with great products and even appreciation boxes with themed items.  My favorite recent item was my Influenster mug.  Its bright orange and cheerful and makes me feel appreciated every time I use it.

I keep in touch with Influenster through the website and the Influenster App.

Be sure to check out their website and sign up to be a member, so you can be In The Know too!