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OZERI 3x Tower Fan Review

The Ozeri 3x Tower Fan Model OZF3 is a beauty of a fan.  It is a true work of art.  The sleek design is a beautiful addition to my home.  It stands tall at 44" yet is only 3" thick. It has 3 independently controlled fans with 3 fan speeds that are whisper quiet.

The only assembly required is to attach the fan to the sturdy reinforced glass base.  This took me less than a minute to assemble.

 The fan comes with a palm sized remote control that allows me to control fan speeds and swing.   The remote also has a timer that allows me to control the fan up to 7.5 hours in 30 minute increments. There is a compartment in the back of the fan to house the remote when not in use.

This fan is perfect for any size room.  I have a large combination living room/dining room, and the fan was able to cool it easily.  Designed with Passive Noise Reduction Technology, it was so quiet I forgot I even had it on at times.

The OZERI 3x Tower Fan Model OZF3 is available on Amazon and right now you can get it at a deep discount at 58% off!  Visit

Disclosure:  I received this product to review.  All opinions expressed are based on my own personal experience and yours may differ.


  1. Keeping Frosty Chilled! The Ozeri 3x Tower Fan looks and sounds great, thanks for the review.

  2. I definitely have to look into this fan. My only worry is my cat--I've no doubt that she would try to sit on top of it AND would knock it over if she thought it would get my attention!

  3. This would make such a difference in my teenage son's bedroom, he has an attic room and it gets crazy hot in the summer, so much more stylish for him.

  4. We have that fan and love it. It does a great job cooling spaces down.

  5. Love that it's easy to assemble and quiet!

  6. that would come in handy for the summer months

  7. This sounds like an amazing tower fan indeed.I love that it has the three fans and it is on a stand. This I would love to have for summer. The remote is truly a plus. Thanks for sharing.


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