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Ozeri Cardio Tech Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

The Ozeri Cardio Tech Pro Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor is a portable, accurate and simple to use blood pressure monitor that fits around your wrist with a velcro strap and gives accurate readings.

This product comes with a protective case and batteries.  The case helps to keep your monitor clean and protected at all times.

The monitor has a memory button to remember up to 180 previous blood pressure readings.  The monitor reads both systolic and diastolic with large easy to read numbers.

This monitor is equipped with an automatic hypertension  and arrhythmia indicator.

Disclosure:  I received this product from Ozeri to review.  All opinions expressed are based on my own honest opinions and yours may differ.


  1. This really would be a good thing to own if you have blood pressure problems. I may get it for my Mom!

  2. I love the adjustable strap instead of it being a clip on. Ozeri is such a wonderful brand, I love them!


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