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GoGargle! Review & #Coupon

GoGargle! is a product that was invented by an RN for her husband who was suffering from a dry, sore throat.  Her concoction of salt water with honey, aloe, chamomile and mint  helped soothe his throat. and moisturized his dry prickly throat as well  From this, the effervesent tablets of  GoGargle! were born.

When I was a little girl I can remember my mom always having us gargle with warm salt water anytime we had a sore throat.  GoGargle! is an easier and less messy way to do this.  It also tastes a lot better in my throat as I gargle.  Its minty fresh!

I like the packaging of the GoGargle! tablets.  It fits easily into my purse or pocket for portability.  The tablets themselves are so simple to use.  You simply drop one tablet into a cup of warm water, wait for it to dissolve and then gargle.  I find it to be simple, soothing and refreshing.

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Disclosure:  I received this product to review for my honest personal opinion.  Your opinion may differ.  No other compensation was received.