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Key West Dark Spot Corrector Review #KeyWestHB

The Key West Health & Beauty Dark Spot Corrector is  a hydroquinone free dark spot corrector.   Hydroquinone is a carcinogen which is an ingredient in many dark spot correctors.

The Key West Health & Beauty Dark Spot Corrector  contains 98% natural and  72% organic ingredients. (source: Key West Health & Beauty)

The product is a nice, thin consistency that is similar to a serum but has a more liquid feel to it. It is  refreshing on my skin with a very light, clean and pretty scent.  When I apply it I can actually feel it working on my skin.  It has a bit of a light cooling feel. It also makes my skin feel moisturized.

You can choose to use this product over your entire face and neck  or just on the dark spots. 

 I notice as I have gotten older that I have begun to get mild dark spots in my cheek area. I like dabbing a little of the Key West Health & Beauty Dark Spot Corrector in those areas at night before bed.  When I wake up my skin feels moisturized and I am starting to see a more even skin tone.

This product can be used alone or with your favorite moisturizer after it has dried.

The bottle itself is a generous size of 1.7oz./50ml.

Features & Benefits (source: Key West Health & Beauty)

  • Glycolic acid exfoliates and eliminates dead surface skin cells

  • Kojic acid fades age spots, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage and more

  • Salicylic acid unclogs pores & loosens thick dry skin, allowing new skin cells to regenerate

  • Hyaluronic acid provides intense hydration, keeping skin plump, smooth and youthful

  • Can be used to treat specific areas or on the entire face to lighten & brighten your complexion 

This product is available on Amazon. com

Disclosure:  I received a sample of this product as a member of Tomoson.  All opinions expressed are based on my own personal experience and yours may differ.  


  1. I would definitely want to check out these ingredients before trying this one. One of those words up there kind of scared me a bit. I definitely could use it though.

  2. I have dark undereyes so this would be ideal for me. By the end of each week it gets worse with less sleep and workload getting heavier. Definitely worth my small investment!

  3. I could use this. My skin just hasn't been aging as well as I wish that it would and maybe this would help a lot!

  4. I have some slight darkening in a few spots too. This sounds like I should try it!

  5. Liton Chakraborty
    There are many reason and several casue of dark spot, but the dark spot corrector are most effective for treatement of any kind of dark spot.


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