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Nikkouware Julienne Peeler & Vegetable Peeler Review

I love the Nikkouware Vegetable & Julienne Peeler.  It is super sharp and very well constructed.  It is made from Stainless Steel and is rust and corrosion proof with proper care.  It is a nice weight and sits nicely in the hand with the unique handle.

This is a 2 sided instrument.  One side is for peeling vegetables and the other is for making perfect Julienne cuts.

Check out my YouTube Video for a brief review:

  • ✔ Premium 2-in-1 zoodles maker and peeler, perfect for zucchini noodles, peel vegetables, potatoes, cucumber, butternut, squash, apples, onion and much more!
  • ✔ Ultra sharp stainless steel dual blades julienne peeler for creating professionally and beautifully cut julienned dishes in seconds! Essential and wonderful kitchen utensil that is simple and easy to use, save time & value for money.
  • ✔ Boost and increase your culinary skills and can become like a professional chef in no time......even for someone who never has any culinary experience before!

This product is available on Amazon

Disclosure:  I received this product free of charge for my honest opinion review from Tomoson.  Your opinion may differ.


  1. I LOVE that it juliennes too! Very cool. I would love to use this on zucchini.


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