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Olivery Premium Detachable Black Leather Key Holder Review

The Olivery Premium Detachable Black Leather Key Holder is very well made.  The leather is soft and sturdy and nicely stitched.  The  keyholder is a strong durable zinc-alloy that has a polished mirror finish.

The holder comes with 2 key rings, this is perfect if you want to detach one set of keys at a time.  I like it for valet parking, so I can keep my house keys with me.  The tab to detach the keys glides easily up and down and is very secure.

This would make a nice gift for a boss, bridal party, new driver, etc.

This Olvery Premium Key Holder is available on

Disclosure:  I received this product to review for my honest opinion.  Your opinion may differ.


  1. This would be great for separating your car keys when you have to leave said keys with a parking lot attendant. It would also be good for keeping keys to others homes (like my Mom's) separate from all the rest so you can get to them in a hurry if you have to.

  2. not a bad idea, my husband is always fumbling for his keys


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