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SafeT Gloves Review #Foodie

The SafeT gloves are silicone gloves that are heat resistant up to 425 degrees.  They are very flexible and easy to clean.   They are waterproof so will protect against boiling water.  You will receive 2 gloves when you order them.  I like that.  A lot of times when you see this type of product sold you only receive one.

I like the texture on the gloves which makes it easier for me to grip my pans and casserole dishes. This makes me feel more security when I am handling hot items.

These gloves are FDA Approved and BPA Free.  They are a nice size glove that would fit almost anyone in your household.  They are pretty long and cover your wrist area.

These are great for anything heat related:

Taking hot foods out of the oven
Putting wood on the fire
Picking up hot meats
Pulling pork, chicken, fish
Great for campsites

This product is available on Amazon