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2 USB Reading Lamp with Flexible Gooseneck


This USB Reading Lamp is small, flexible and gives off a good amount of light.  It has a flexible neck that can be positioned any way you would like.

I have a laptop that has keys that don't light up.  I usually use it in my family room.  The lighting is very poor in that room and I have a hard time seeing the keys.  This light is perfect for me.  I just plug it into my laptop and it sheds light on my entire keyboard.  Also at night when I am working on my posts and my husband is asleep I can work on my laptop without disturbing him because the light is focused directly on my keyboard without lighting up the entire room.

I have the option of using 1 or 2 of the built in lights on this reading lamp.  With a quick click of the switch it goes from 1 light to 2 light illumination. (shown in photo below)

This light fits all devices that are powered by USB port:  Laptops, Netbooks, PCs, Macs, USB Hubs and Wall Chargers.

This light is great for readers, perfect for traveling.  There is no need for batteries.  The light is provided by USB line power.  You can even plug it into a USB port in your vehicle and use it for maps or reading in the car.

This USB Reading Light is available on Amazon.

  • FEATURES - Two extra bright LEDs with two steps of adjustable brightness via switch
    DESIGN - Flexible flex neck gooseneck arm will bring light to your favorite position. On/Off Switch
    COMPATIBILITY - Fits all devices with a Powered USB port: Laptops, Netbooks, PCs, Macs, USB Hubs and Wall chargers
    USE - Great for home, remote/travel, study or office use. No batteries needed - light is powered by USB line power.
    PORTABLE - Lightweight at 1oz. Made of durable plastic and metal materials.