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Curv Bath Pillow Review

  The Curv Bath Pillow is a well constructed pillow for your bath.  Unlike a lot of bath pillows, this pillow is a nice solid pillow that cushions your head well.  The curved shaped lets you relax your head and neck.

I feel like my bath is a spa when I use my Curv Bath pillow.  I have had blow up pillows in the past and they never hold their shape and deflate easily.  This pillow is not an inflatable pillow.  It is a true pillow.  It didn't lose its shape at all since I have been using it.  It isn't cold either.  It has a warm exterior so when you lay back it doesn't make you jolt.

This pillow is a very nice size.  It isn't too big or small.  It is just the right size to lay back and nestle your head.  It has 2 suction cups on the back that help hold your head in place and is very comfortable.

The cover on this pillow is very durable and is odor resistant.  It is easy to clean and maintain.

I have to be honest, when we take road trips I like to take this pillow along with me as well.  Its a nice size to nap in the car with.

The Curv Bath Pillow is available on Amazon.

Disclosure:  I have been sent this product to review from Tomoson for my honest opinion.  Your opinion may differ.