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Everything Pi Day 3/14 !! #Pi

What is Pi?    Pi is used to calculate the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter. 

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Did you know that Pi Day is also Albert Einstein's birthday?  Pi Day was coined this day because pi which is the infinite number begins with 3.14.

Having a son who is a Mathematics major, Pi day is a day of celebration in my home.

Have you ever wondered how scientists use Pi? Check out and learn about it!

Many people celebrate Pi day in different ways.

Some people make pies on pie day.  I personally like this idea.  Who doesn't like pie?  I can remember making homemade apple pies in the kitchen with my mom when I was a litttle girl.  The scent would fill up the entire house.  I can smell it now.

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Check out this great Pie Pinterest board my sister in law made.  It features all kinds of pies, ranging from fruit, meat etc.  Maybe you can find a great pie recipe to make your family.  How about a Meat Pie for dinner with a Fruit pie for dessert!

Some people enjoy eating Pizza pie on Pi day.  It's a delicious and easy way to
show your appreciation for Pi.    At the Exploratorium in San Francisco, California they have an entire day of events scheduled to celebrate pi day, including  Pizza dough tossing.  If you live in the area, this would be a fun day out for the family.

Check out the website here:

The New York Daily News published a great article a couple of years ago on fun ways to celebrate Pi day.  They include visiting the Pi day capitol in Princeton, NJ,  memorizing Pi,  having a Pi-arty and so much more.  Check out this fun article:

How do you plan to celebrate Pi day?


  1. I've never taken the time to celebrate Pi Day, but maybe I'll take the kids over to Princeton tomorrow and start a new tradition.

    1. I was thinking of doing a day trip to Princeton too but its supposed to be heavy rain.

  2. I remember celebrating Pi Day even as a kid. Good excuse to eat Pie!

  3. Awesome ultimate pi day post :) I've seen those cool T-shirt sales all over facebook about it.

  4. My son says I have to make a pie, no time for that. He will get a frozen pizza pie.

  5. I forgot about Pi Day! I need to buy a pie for dessert tomorrow :)

  6. Pi always equaled tears in my eyes! If I have to celebrate it all it will be be with PIES-fruit filled!!

  7. Thanks for the reminder! I just made cookies when I should have been making a pie. Oh well, I think my family will forgive me. :)

  8. Last year on Pi day one of my daughter's teachers had the class bring in pie to eat. Happy Pi day!

  9. I have always loved both pie and pi! I was a bit of a geek :)


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