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Stark Reflective Vest Review

The Stark Reflective Vest is a great addition for any athlete.  My husband is an avid runner and likes to run both day and night.  The Stark reflective vest is a must for low light running.  A lot of times you don't realize that in low light settings you are not visible to oncoming traffic.  Having the reflective vest can aid in your safety by  making you more visible to traffic.

When I was driving to work a couple of weeks ago there were 2 runners that were running in the street.  It was around sun up and was still pretty dark out.  Thank goodness one of the runners had a reflective vest on, because that is the only reason I saw them running in the road.

My sister likes to walk her dog at night.  She lives in a condo complex and is forced to walk across a very active parking lot to get the park area and walk her dog.  At night she worries about the visibility.  Having this vest would be an asset to her and those who walk their pets at night.

This is also a great product for people who like to ride their bikes for leisure or to get around town.

As you can see in my photo above, the vest is very reflective.  The only lighting used to reflect the vest above was my camera flash.

If you are an active person and like to be outdoors, having this vest would be a great investment.

The STARK Reflective Vest is available on Amazon.

Disclosure:  I was given this product to review for my honest opinion.   Your opinion may differ.