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Veri ORGANIC Soda - Simply Delicious

I try to buy healthy products for my family as much as I can and soda has always been an indulgence.  Lately, I have been taking a closer look at the ingredients that I put in and on my body and trying to make conscious changes.  

When you spend your entire life living a certain way, it can sometimes be difficult to make changes, even when you know it is the best thing for you.

I love soda. I always have loved it. Even though many of them are loaded in sugar and artificial ingredients, I couldn't help but indulge in them.  Now I don't have to feel guilty for enjoying soda because of Veri brand.

As a Mom Ambassador for Moms Meet, I recently received an assortment of Veri Organic sodas to try with my family and friends.  They are made with organic ingredients and no added dyes, GMOs or artificial ingredients, and taste refreshing and delicious.

The flavors I received include Orange, Lemon-Lime, Ginger Ale and Cola.  They are not loaded with artificial colors, so the Orange, Lemon-Lime and Ginger Ale are clear in color.  The Cola is a light organic caramel color.  The ingredients are: Sparklng Water, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Juice, Organic flavors and Organic Stevia.

They are all delicious, light and refreshing.

You can learn more about the fine Veri soda beverages by visiting them at:

You can follow them on Social Media at:


Not sure where to find Veri soda?  Just visit their store locator at:

Disclosure:  I received beverages to review as a Mom Ambassador at Moms Meet. All opinions are my own and I was not required to write a positive review.
Your opinion may differ.


  1. I am not much of a soda drinker but every once in a while I feel like having a glass. These do sound somewhat better for you then the usual brands-I will have to look for it on my next shopping trip.

  2. I think I'd really enjoy these. I'm all about the fizz, and the flavors sound wonderful!

  3. I don't drink soda because of the high sugar content. These sound a great alternative. Are they in Australia?

  4. Oooooo I need to try this out! I love a soda every once in awhile but don't care for the sugar content in it. sounds like a good fit for me!

  5. I drink low-calorie or zero calorie sodas, and I like that this one is made with stevia.

  6. My boys love this soda. I can feel good about them drinking it too as a treat.

  7. My son tried this and loves it!! Can't really find it very often here in the mountains, though. :(

  8. I really want to try this! I have a hard time giving up my diet soda but hate all the artificial ingredients!

  9. I'm off to view the site, maybe I can find the soda in a store near me. Our area is normally one of the last to stock new products, of any kind.

  10. I would love to try this organic soda or what we call pop here. It would be awesome if I could find in one the the stores around here maybe at the organic store. Thanks for sharing.


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