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Incredible Dorka by Zsófi Zara - Ebook Review

Incredible Dorka by Zsófi Zara

This is the story of Dorka.  A sweet little girl with a vivid imagination who always seems to find herself in a bit of trouble.  Dorka loves to analyze everything that goes on around her and sees things in her own unique way.

Throughout the story you will become familiar with many people who are a part of Dorka's life.

Her neighbor Ms Crooked always seems to be up to something and Dorka thinks she has her figured out...or does she?

Dorka learns many lessons throughout her mischevious adventures and even makes a new furry friend.  But will her Mom and Pop ever let her keep it?

School isn't exactly Dorka's favorite place to be and her relationship with her teacher Mrs Clarice doesn't exactly help.

Come along on many adventures with Dorka as she gets herself into many messy situations.  Dorka is sweet, funny and full of imagination.  This is a great read for children.

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Disclosure:  I received the above Ebook to review for my honest opinion.  Your opinion may differ.

Great Book for kids !

"Dad reckons I should write a diary, because so much happens to me. He says every day is full of surprises for me." 
Well, Dorka is really creative and unique girl, and had to admit she had a talent for trouble. Her story could make anyone laugh. 

A funny, charming and adorable story about a talented, kind and courios girl. The book is well suited to reading alone or reading aloud to children.