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Manual Coffee Grinder Review

Coffee Grinders help take brewing to a whole other level.  I love purchasing fresh coffee beans and grinding them myself right before I brew them.  It gives coffee such a aromatic fresh taste that I love.

The Grinder collects the grounds in an attached cup so there is no mess.

It is a beautiful stainless steel and can be taken apart for easy cleaning.

This manual coffee grinder by Galleany is perfect for me.  Its not only great to use at home, but also for travel.  No need to worry about batteries, this grinder has a hand crank that easily grinds beans to coarse  or fine grind.

It is a nice small size that fits comfortably in my hand and its affordable.


Disclosure:  I received this product to review for my honest opinion.  Your opinion may differ.

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Manufacturer's Notes:

Best Bean Grinder Mill, small, easy to use and affordable. So if you love coffee and want to take your home brewing to the next level, then get hold of this Manual Coffee Grinder today and say hello! To taste of freshly ground coffee!
There are a few factors to consider when purchasing a hand mill, such as, size, weight, capacity.... though probably the most important factor to consider is how will the mill will fit in your hand. Grinding on a hand mill requires a sturdy grip, and you will want to maintain good leverage for the few minutes it will take to grind the beans. Consider a mill that you can comfortably grasp in your hand, Manual mills are suitable for a drip, espresso and the finer side of a French Press Grind.
Manual Coffee Grinder –Mill is a great coffee grinder with AWESOME features, Uniform Grind Size, brewing from fine espresso to coarse French press, Polished stainless steel, Adjustable Grind Sizes - adjust with black knobe and Acrylic window to measure coffee grinded. Enjoy the taste of f freshly ground coffee with Manual Coffee Grinder –Mill.

Why You Should Buy Manual coffee Grinder - Mill?
If you are one of those persons who cannot start day with having a great cup of coffee then in this case best manual coffee grinder -Mill is a sort of product that you cannot do without. Many people start to get more and more interested in this type for many reasons. Some like it because it is so traditional and can be used when camping or trailing. However, below are more reasons manual coffee grinder –mill are considered as so vital in brewing fantastic coffee.
    On the spot Grinding for Freshness 
If seeds of caffeine are well roasted and all feasible precautions are taken throughout the process of manual grinding, then the end result will be always a spectacular aromatic cup of cappuccino. That also means that the ground packages which most of the folks buy for weeks from beverage outlets do not often provide the paramount outcome because of the lack of freshness of grounds. Thereby it is always great to grind beans right on the spot. This way everything will be nice and fresh and the product of such grinds would be simply lip smacking.
    Burr Mechanism
Another incomparable advantage of utilizing these manual grinders is that virtually it comes with burr mechanism, so actually what is the big deal about such mechanism which is placed in non automatic grinder? Well factually it is an extremely handy feature since it allows its users to grind seeds in amazingly uniform size which is nearly impracticable to achieve with the help of blade grinders. In fact, in case of these non automatic grinders the users are also able to adjust various specifications of grinders depending on their preferences and specific taste so that they can make the best out of it!
    And many more benefits of manual coffee grinder yet to mention!
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