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Ozeri Artesio Pepper Grinder

I love when I go out to eat with my husband and the waiter comes over and asks if we want freshly ground pepper.  The fresh grounds have such a fresh and distinct flavor that really enhance foods.

The Ozeri Artesio Pepper Grinder is a simple to use, automatic pepper grinder.
To operate it, all you have to do is gently press a button.  No turning to grind required.  It is simple for anyone with arthritis or even a child to operate.  The handle has an ultra soft non-slip grip that helps to keeps it firmly in your hand during operation. It even has a built in light that turns on automatically so you can see clearly how much you are seasoning in low light settings.

It is easy to fill the grinder.  Just unscrew the top half of the grinder off and add your peppercorns.  It runs on 4 AA batteries that are housed in the handle, as shown below. Plus, having the see through chamber helps you monitor the peppercorn level so that you know when to refill it.  It is made from a durable plastic and the grinders work by a durable ceramic mechanism that easily grinds peppercorns, spices or salts.

You can adjust the level of grind you want, from fine to coarse.  I love this feature because there are certain foods I like with course ground pepper and others fine.

The Ozeri Artesio Pepper Grinder is available on Amazon.

I received the above mentioned product to review for my honest opinion  Your opinion may differ.