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SpalonTech GO BARE Cellulite Cream with Caffeine and Seaweed Extract

SpalonTech Cellulite Cream with Caffeine and Seaweed Extract is a cellulite cream that is designed to help smooth and  tone your skin while helping reduce the appearance of cellulite.

The difference between the Spalon Tech Cellulite Cream and others is that this is a Professional Strength Formula that is NOT water based.

The 2 main ingrediences in this product are Organic Aloe and Pure Coconut oil.  These help to leave your skin hydrated, moisturized and not sticky.  It has a light pleasant scent that is not overwhelming and will not interfere with your perfume usage.

When I applied this product it didn't feel greasy or sticky.  I just felt a cooling effect on my skin.  I did allow it to dry before dressing.  You do not need a lot of the product when applying.  Just a light thin coating is enough.  The entire bottle should last about a month.  I have been using it for a little over a week and my skin feels more moisturized and hydrated.

The instructions on the bottle recommend drinking 64 oz. of water daily while using this product.  I am assuming this is because it probably draws out excess waters from the skin.

Manufacturer's Notes:

SpalonTech Cellulite Reduction Cream is:
Safe & Effective for all Skin types, including sensitive skin.  
We are Paraben Free.
Smells Great, Light Citrus Smell.
Gentle & Non Sticky.
Abundant in anti-oxidants to Fight Inflammation.

FAQ answered by manufacturer:

How often do I need to apply GO BARE CRC?

It is best to apply GO BARE CRC at least twice daily; once in the morning and once before bed.

Will GO BARE CRC stain my clothes?

No, it will not stain your clothes.  However, it is best to allow the CRC to penetrate a bit before putting on clothes so it can be used for maximum results instead of being wiped off by your clothing.

When can I expect to see results?

That is hard for anyone to determine since one person’s level of cellulite can be quite different than another’s.  After the first application, you will notice a smooth silky texture to your skin.  Some of our clients have reported their cellulite looking better after just three days, while others tell us two weeks and yet others begin to see the difference beginning in 30 days.
What is important to note is that, cellulite did not form over night and will also not completely go away overnight.  However, by following the directions and revving up your circulation daily by application of CRC and allowing the powerful, active ingredients to penetrate and do their jobs, you will see results.

How long should my bottle of GO BARE Cellulite Reduction Cream last?

How long the 12 ounces of CRC will last really depends upon the size of the area the CRC needs to be applied.  Most all of my clients use it as an all over body lotion; which I highly recommend because CRC will not only help with the cellulite, but also firms the skin overall.
So, you would use sparingly all over and go back and apply a bit more to cellulite ridden areas.
Because GO BARE is NOT water based, means that it is not ‘watered down’ and water is not the carrier for the other ingredients.  Pure Aloe and Pure Coconut Oil is the base of GO BARE CRC and every little bit provides extreme actively working ingredients so you do not need a lot to get receive the powerful benefits.
Short answer:  Anywhere between 21 to 45 days depending on your personal usage.

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