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Vixen Large Heavy Duty Toenail Clipper Review

Vixen Toenail Clipper is a heavy duty stainless steel toe nail clipper that is specifically designed to give you a better cut.  They have an even weight distribution to prevent slipping.

The jaw on the front of the clippers is nice and wide and great for cutting thicker nails.  I like that these clippers give me a nice clean cut.  There  are no jagged edges or tears.  With some other clippers my nails sometimes break mid cut.  I didn't experience that with these clippers.

A lot of men have thicker toenails.  These clippers are perfect for that because of the wider mouth on the jaw.  My husband used these as well and mentioned that they cut with ease.  I agree.

This clipper is professional grade.  I recommend them for any nail tool kit.

The Vixen clippers are strong, reliable and well made.

Disclosure:  I received these clippers for my honest review.  No other compensation was received. Your opinion may differ.