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2 Pack - 10ml Elegant Frosted Glass Roll On Bottle #RollerBottle2PM

Take your favorite scent with you anywhere you go.  These frosted glass roll on bottles are perfect for travel or your purse.

When I travel, I like to bring my favorite scents with me but do not like to bring my big bottle of perfume.  Having the roller balls allows me to bring my favorite scents easily.

You can take your favorite perfumes and transfer them to the roll on bottle and take them with you when you travel or just to keep in your purse or desk at work.

They are convenient and easy to use.  Simple pop the roller off and fill, then replace.  These attractive bottles are made from a sturdy glass and the roller ball is made from stainless steel. The cap is made from brushed aluminum.

Each order comes with 2 roll on bottles.  They are perfect for perfume, essential oils, wax, deodorant and more.  If you like making homemade lip glosses these are perfect for that too!  The metal roller ball prevents the bottle from leaking and helps provide an even application.

The bottles come with a no questions asked 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

These bottles are available on Amazon.

Manufacturer's Notes:

  • - These metal balls have a perfect tight fit that won't ever leak. With the bottle inverted, the weight of the steel ball creates a seal preventing oil release. A quick shake allows the release of the oil for a smooth and even application every time.
    - The durable brushed stainless steel cap screws on securely and protects your essential oils while maintaining an elegant look and feel.
    - Certain oils & chemicals do not interact well with cheap plastic balls and possibly ruin the rolling mechanism. Stainless steel roller balls do not erode and will continue to roll on smoothly every time.
    - Our luxurious glass bottles are not painted and will not scratch easily.
    - Maintain elegance with the beauty of frosted white

Disclosure:  I received this bottle to review for my honest opinion.  Your opinion may differ.