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Beddit and Dearfoam Slippers - A Perfect Combination #Tryazon

I had so much fun having my Tryazon party this past week.

We had a great lunch spread!

 I was able to share  many great DEARFOAMS slipper styles with my guests and let them take them home as party favors.

Dearfoams has so many styles and colors to choose from.  They are great quality and super comfortable!

I got a lot of great feedback about the styles and everyone really loved the striped ones best but loved all of the styles.

Even my buddy Balboa loved them.

We also spoke about the Beddit Sleep Monitoring System and ease of its use.  This was very helpful to many of my guests.  One of them said their husband had to do sleep studies and be put on air while he sleeps.  She is going to get the Beddit system for her husband because she worries about his quality of sleep and how it effects his days.

Check out the video I showed my guests about Beddit.

The Beddit system is super easy to use and is controlled by your mobil device.

We spoke about ways to improve sleep and how the Beddit system can help improve their sleep.

Disclosure:  I was sent Dearfoam Slippers and Beddit Sleep Monitoring System for my party.  No other compensation was received.