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Review & Giveaway! Keep Your Feet Looking Their Best with Fancy Pedicure

Warmer weather is here and it will soon be time for sandals.  I like to keep my feet looking their best with Fancy Pedicure.  It is a safe and effective foot file.  It files away dead and dry skin painlessly.   Its tough enough to buff away dry and calloused skin in seconds.  I just gently touch it to my dry skin and it does all the work for me.

My feet feel so smooth and look so much better after each use. My dry heels and corns practically disappear.  I get professional looking results in the comfort of my own home and at my own leisure.  I save tons of money too.

The file is so simple to use with the press of a button.  When I use the file I keep a paper towel under my foot so that cleanup is simple.  I just toss the paper towel.

The Fancy Pedicure comes with an extra file, batteries and a carrying case.  It is great to bring on vacation.

Fancy Pedicure comes with all of the above accessories, batteries included.

The Fancy Pedicure Foot File is available on Amazon.

Enter to win a Fancy Pedicure!!  Enter using the Rafflecopter form below!

Disclosure;  I received this product to review for my honest opinion.

Manufacturer's Notes:

  • HAVE YOU EVER REALIZED WHY THE SKIN OF YOUR FEET IS NOT AS SOFT AS YOU WISHED? Our feet are our most faithful companions, and unfortunately we don't take care of them as they deserve. Standing for a long time, being overweight, wearing open sandals or high heels, continuous exposure to water, long walks, among others, are some of the reasons why the skin of the feet loses its natural moisture, and as a result the skin turns dry.
  • DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU DON'T REMOVE THE DRY SKIN OF YOUR FEET? Not giving your feet the care they need and failing to remove the dry skin can result in the appearance of calluses, cracked heels, corns and worse conditions such as bleeding or discharge through the cracks in the skin. When this happens, there is a possibility of getting an infection.
  • TAKING THE RIGHT CARE OF YOUR FEET IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Keep the skin of your feet smooth and healthy with the most stylish pedicure tool in the market. You will get professional results with a safe home use treatment, enjoying spa-quality foot care for a fraction of the cost.
  • POWERFUL ENOUGH to buff away the dry, calloused, rough, hard skin of your feet in seconds, without applying any pressure. Be gentle and patient with your feet, and let the roller head of the Fancy Pedicure slide smoothly on the skin of your feet
  • ADVANTAGES OVER OTHER SIMILAR PRODUCTS IN THE MARKET: Very discreet sound, luxurious design, ergonomically shaped soft touch handle, lightweight, and two roller heads for different treatments (fine and coarse). What are you waiting for to start taking care of your feet? Make up your mind now, your feet will be very grateful.



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  3. would make for a great mothers day gift

  4. I like that it comes with 2 roller heads.

    Desiree Dunbar

  5. I learned that they excellent quality products, which have been designed with the most sophisticated technology and after many years of research

  6. i learned that this product is light weight. i also added this to my amazon wish list


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