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Antibacterial Cutting Boards Review

Protecting my family from foodborne illnesses due to cross contamination is a top priority for me in the kitchen

I love to do a lot of cooking in my kitchen and I do not using the same cutting boards for my veggies as I do for my meats.These antibacterial cutting boards are ideal for me. 

These Antibacterial cutting boards are a nice ample size.  I have plenty of surface space for cutting and prepping.  

These boards become bacteria free after 60 seconds in the microwave.

Each board is marked with a food icon so you do not have to worry about the cross contamination.

Check out my video review:

Manufacturer's Notes:

  • ✔ PROTECT YOUR FAMILY FROM THE DANGERS OF FOODBORNE ILLNESSES - You hear news stories all the time about people suffering from food poisoning or restaurants being shut down for unsafe, unsanitary practices. The number one cause of foodborne illness in home and commercial kitchens alike is cross-contamination of the bacteria that adheres to cutting boards. But the Kitopia Plastic Cutting Boards provide you with 100% protection against the spread of germs, bacteria or other harmful, illness-causing organisms in your kitchen. Our Antibacterial Cutting Board is scientifically engineered to harness microwave energy to kill any and all dangerous germs in just one minute so you never again have to worry about making yourself or somebody you love sick from the foods you prepare. It really is time to throw that highly contaminated Bamboo Cutting Board away!
  • ✔ SAFETY AND VERSATILITY IN ONE SIMPLE PACKAGE - Kitopia Nonslip Cutting Board Set is made from a unique, all-natural compound found naturally in trees and plants that protects against bacterial growth. They are 99.99% anti-bacterial. And any residual bacteria from raw chicken, unwashed poultry, fish and other high-risk foods can be instantly zapped away after just one minute in the microwave. BPA-Free and FDA approved, these high-quality versatile plastic cutting boards also feature a non-slip surface that is scratch and odor resistant, as well as embedded holes for easy hanging for storage. This Flexible Cutting Mat has a convenient juice groove to prevent liquids from pooling, which reduces leakage and keeps your kitchen cleaner. Plus our Non Slip Cutting Board Set has a handy flexible design for added versatility, come in environmentally-friendly packaging and are 100% dishwasher safe. You're buying a Heat Resistant Board!
  • ✔ GET THREE TIMES MORE FOR YOUR MONEY - You will receive three (3) Kitopia Chopping Mats so you can reserve one for everyday use, another exclusively for fruits and vegetables, and a third for high-risk foods such as raw poultry, meat, eggs and fish. Each Antimicrobial Cutting Board is 3/8" thick and features the safest, most securely sanitized cutting surface available anywhere. Feel secure that you and your children are eating germ-free food. Doesn't your family deserve the safest Plastic Cutting Surface?

These boards are available on Amazon

Disclosure:  I received these boards to review for my honest opinion.  No other compensation was received.  Your opinion may differ.