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Remember When? Fun Outdoor Games of The Past

Nowadays it seems like we don't spend enough time outdoors anymore.  I can recall playing outside from the moment I finished my homework until it was time for dinner.  Even after dinner we would run outside and play until our mom called us inside for the evening.

Some of my favorite outdoor games included tag, red light green light, hop scotch, double dutch, hot peas and butter and hide and go seek.  There were also the fun hand clapping games that I would play with my sister and friends for hours.  Sometimes we would play so long our hands would hurt.


This Sunday is Disconnect Day.  This day was designed to encourage people to put down the electronics and reconnect with the real world.  Go outside and explore new things.

I find myself spending a lot less time online nowadays and I love it.  I am spending more time with my family and friends and being more active.  There is a lot of beauty outside, get out there and enjoy it.

Do you plan on disconnecting this weekend?  If so, what are your plans?

My husband and I are going to take a ride upstate with our son to enjoy the mountains.

Disclosure:  This is not a sponsored post. No compensation was received for this post.


  1. We too spent so much time outdoors, even with a tiny yard. I hope to disconnect from tech this Sunday and take time to enjoy nature.

  2. I didn't know it was Disconnect Day, but now that I do, I certainly plan to disconnect. To be quite honest, I'm tired of being connected all the time anyway.

  3. i disconnect or i go nuts. i can't deal with it all the time, it's not good for us

  4. I don't spend as much time outside as I should. But then the air near where I live isn't the greatest and at this stage of my life I prefer staying inside and reading.

  5. I don't plan to because of work but maybe a little on Sunday. My sister is bringing her pool to put in my yard because hers is to small. I almost forgot about these games we used to play outside doing. Tag and kick the can was our games way back when. Thanks for sharing.


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