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The Ride-NYC

THE RIDE uses New York City and its renowned landmarks as the backdrop for a theatrical event that blurs the boundary between tour and performance. The city becomes a stage, and soon you can't tell where the street ends and the show begins!

 THE RIDE gives you a front-row seat to the streets of New York City in a multi-million dollar motor coach that comes equipped with state-of-the-art audio/visual technology, including 40 plasma screen TVs and over 3000 LED lights. Enjoy the performance from the comfort of one-of-a-kind stadium seating and huge panoramic windows. While navigating a 4.2-mile midtown path, our performers and native New Yorkers alike become performers for THE RIDE, showing guests an entirely new side of New York City they can't see anywhere else.

 Whether you're new to the city or a long-time native, you'll find something to enjoy. Get On, and Experience the Ride. $50 OFF Your Next Party with THE RIDE!…

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Kitchen Essentials Silicone #EggPoacher Review

Kitchen Essentials egg poachers are so simple to use.  Just crack an egg in the food safe, silicone cup and place it in a pot of gentling boiling water and cover with the lid.  The non stick poachers will steam the perfect poached egg in 5 minutes.  These cups really help to make a beautiful poached egg. The process was so simple too.

 I found clean up to be so easy with the egg poachers.  Since they are made from non-stick silicone, they cleaned up in minutes.

 These cups also make great  hot or cold individual dip bowls for parties.  Just add your favorite dips and serve in the attractive cups.

Cooking Directions:
1. Place poacher with egg into a pot with boiling water.
2. Cover pot and cook for five minutes.
3. Remove poacher from pot and carefully scoop out poached egg with a spoon.

Cleaning Directions:
1. Clean poacher by turning inside out and cleaning with soapy water.
2. Poacher is dishwasher safe.

They are available in the following color combos:



Certified 100% FDA Food-G…

Zubels Sweaters, Hats & Dolls are Quality Hand Made Items and Giveaway ! #baby

I have always looked for safe, non-toxic toys to give my child and others, and that is why I was so happy to get a chance to receive a Zubels Hand Knit Doll to review. Zubels are some of the finest hand made 100% cotton dolls in the world.

All football players are available in 12" dolls.
Cheerleaders are available in 7" dolls.

It's almost Fall and Zubels has a beautiful line of sweaters, hats and dolls.   The dolls are available in popular team colors.

This adorable hat is available in 0/6 months thru 2/3 years
The quality and hand feel of Zubel products is so soft and comforting.  Zubels owns its own factories which makes its prices better than other similar products on the market.
These little booties are so adorable for any little football fan.

This sweet sweater is a real touch down! Available in 6 months thru Toddler 4
For a limited time receive 15% off  any order with code BL15
Visit Zubels website today and explore all of adorable products!  These products would ma…

Giveaway - Amazingly Beautiful - Free AM Moisturizers to 3 Winners

After using Amazingly Beautiful for a month, my face felt soft and clean without feeling sticky or oily. I only needed a little bit of the product with each use.  I did not experience any breakouts.
Manufacturer's Notes: Within the first 30 days of using Amazingly Beautiful, you may experience a brief blemish breakout. This typically lasts from 1-2 days, possibly up to a week. The botanical oils in Beautiful gently and naturally remove toxins and build up that have accumulated over time from the use of chemical-laden skincare products and cosmetics. These botanical ingredients also help remove the cause behind excessive oil production. If a breakout does occur, this is actually a really good sign, as your skin will be ridding itself of toxins that have built up over time. It’s important not to get discouraged during this brief detoxifying period, because once it ends, your skin will emerge with a more beautiful, young looking, radiant appearance. Results vary for each person. You …

Estilo Stainless Steel Measuring Cups - Set of 6 Review #measuringspoon

Estilo stainless steel measuring cups are high quality measuring cups.  The cups stack nicely and come in a set of 6.  

 Most of measuring cup sets I have seen do not have that many cups in the set.  The cup sizes include:  1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, and 1 Cup.  I was very impressed with the quality of these cups.  They stack beautifully and are really solid, not flimsy at all.

These would make a beautiful gift for any cook and a wonderful addition to any kitchen.
#1 TOP RATED IN MEASURING CUPS AMAZING QUALITY & POLISHED STAINLESS STEEL FINISH - WON'T BEND, RUST OR BREAK - manufactured in one-piece so the handle will never fall off.ELEGANT & ATTRACTIVE NESTED SET OF 6 CUPS - 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 1 Cup. Easy to read engraved sizes showing both 'cups' and 'ml' makes baking a breeze that adds a touch of class to your kitchen instead of plastic.Made of heavy duty stainless steel body: S.S.304/0.8 mm (18/8). Wide handles for easy grip.FLAT BOTTOM allows you to …

Get Quality #Free Samples From Pinch Me

This week's Pinch Me samples are fabulous!  
Lysol Click Gel - This is so easy to use.  Just click the gel on the inner rim of your toilet and it does all the dirty work for you.  It left my toilet sparkling.
Scotch Brite Extreme Scrub Sponge - Helps me get out tough messes on both my regular and non stick pots and pans.  Gentle enough for dishes too.
Pez Hedz Bearz - Ok I admit my son confiscated these right away and loved them.  They are soft chewy pez flavored gummy candy.
Special K Chips -  The sour cream and onion are delicious. They are chips made from Special K and are better than regular chips. They aren't greasy at all and have a nice texture and crunch.
Goddess Garden Organics Sunny Body Natural Sun Screen - Get sun protection without any harsh chemicals. SPF 30 protection. This smells great and works well.
VBeaute Eye Cream - Soothes tired eyes and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and puffy eyes.

If you like receiving free quality samples and providing fee…

Book Review- Music Class Today by David Weinstone

Music Class Today! is a  fun filled story that takes place in a children's music class.
This fun story tells a rhyming story about a little boy who attends his first music class with his mommy.
Throughout the story the child is interested in everything going on in the music class, but is too shy to leave his mother's side.
As the story progresses, the child begins to involve himself with the other children and has so much fun, he doesn't want the class to end.
This is a wonderful story for children and is perfect for anyone who has a child that will be attending school for the first time.
There is a free music download that accompanies the book.  This book is illustrasted by Vin Vogel.
This book is published by MacMillan Children's Publishing Group
Learn more about and order this wonderful book by visiting

About the author:
DAVID WEINSTONE is a classically trained former punk rocker who lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife…

Labeling Is Easy and Attractve With Firefly Labels #fireflycraft

Firefly labels are both convenient and attractive.  They are simple to use too.  Just peel and stick. They are made to be used with chalk or chalk markers and have a great writing surface.
Having the chalk labels is great because you can wipe them clean and reuse them.  They are great for labeling spices, canning jars, reusable plastic containers, and so much more.
Check out all of these great uses for Firefly labels:

-Reusable decals let you change your mind as often as you want. Simply peel up and stick to a new surface or simply wipe off writing with a wet rag. Use with both regular chalk and chalkboard markers and pens.

-Premium vinyl sticker is top rack dishwasher and freezer safe. Top quality vinyl can withstand heavy use.

-Organize your pantry, toy bins, office supplies, tool storage, craft goods, refrigerator, freezer, etc.

-At parties, use for wedding place markers, on mason jar drinks or as gift tags.

-Decorate your car, walls, doors, mirrors, glass, windows and lockers- virtuall…