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Kitchen Essentials Silicone #EggPoacher Review

Kitchen Essentials egg poachers are so simple to use.  Just crack an egg in the food safe, silicone cup and place it in a pot of gentling boiling water and cover with the lid.  The non stick poachers will steam the perfect poached egg in 5 minutes.  These cups really help to make a beautiful poached egg. The process was so simple too.

 I found clean up to be so easy with the egg poachers.  Since they are made from non-stick silicone, they cleaned up in minutes.

 These cups also make great  hot or cold individual dip bowls for parties.  Just add your favorite dips and serve in the attractive cups.

Cooking Directions:
1. Place poacher with egg into a pot with boiling water.
2. Cover pot and cook for five minutes.
3. Remove poacher from pot and carefully scoop out poached egg with a spoon.

Cleaning Directions:
1. Clean poacher by turning inside out and cleaning with soapy water.
2. Poacher is dishwasher safe.

They are available in the following color combos:



  • Certified 100% FDA Food-Grade Silicone. No Fillers and 100% BPA Free
  • Flexible Poacher Floats in Boiling Water to Make Perfect Poached Eggs
  • 100% Nonstick Surface Makes Eggs Easy to Remove and Poacher Easy to Clean
  • Can be Used to Melt Chocolate and Heat Other Food Items
  • Microwave and Dishwasher Safe. Fulfilled by Amazon 100% Money-Back Guarantee

This product is available in light or dark color combinations on Amazon.

Disclosure:  I received this product to review for my honest opinion.