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Cutting Board Review #AltonBayBamboo

The Alton Bay Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board is a beautiful cutting board.  It is almost too pretty to use.
It is wonderful for serving on because it is very attractive and adds beauty to any setting.  With the holidays coming up, I will definitely be serving a beautiful arrangement of fruits, cheeses and meats to my guests on this board.  It will pair beautifully with a wine assortment.
My knives cut smoothly on the board, which is important to me.  I have very sharp knives and I like to have a smooth and steady cutting flow while prepping.  This board has a very nice surface.

Product Description and Care:
EXTRA LARGE BAMBOO CUTTING BOARD 18 X 12 X .8 Inches. Drip groove on the topside catches liquids to protect your counter top and table. The reverse side is smooth with no drip groove.

Quality crafted from Moso Bamboo; Moso bamboo naturally contains anti-microbrial properties; Bamboo is excellent for use as a cutting board because it is harder than Maple wood. This results in a strong …

Healthy Tailgating #Recipes #MadeWithChobani

​It's fall and that means football and tailgating at my house.  Since we all indulge at tailgates,  my healthy contribution allows me to keep down the bulge. Here's my recipe for chicken wraps. 

Start with a container of Chobani Greek Yogurt

Add 3 cloves of garlic.  I like garlic and the number 3 you can add more or less to taste.
Add 1/8th of a teaspoon of coriander.  It adds an earthy lemony taste.  (optional) ​
​ ​  Meanwhile drain a sweet red pepper.  

While sweet red pepper drains, zest a lemon.  
Add the zest (about 1 teaspoon).to the Chobani Greek Yogurt.

Add the juice of 1/2 the lemon.

Add salt and pepper to taste.  I used 1/4 teaspoon of each

Mince (chop very little) the sweet red pepper.  See picture for idea of size.

For color I added 5 leaves of cilantro.  You can substitute parsley if you don't like cilantro.

See how pretty it looks.  You eat with your eyes first.....

Cut your chicken for the Kabobs.

Place in bag and let it marinate from 1 hour to…

Goodbeing Goodebox Subscription Beauty Boxes Cater To My Preferences

I love subscription boxes.  They are my special little treat to myself.  
What I really love about them most though, is that they introduce me to new products that I may not have already heard of.
Goodebox is a great subscription box.  Goodebox personalizes each box they send to suit my characteristics, coloring, likes and preferences.
Check out the great products that I received in my beauty box!
Lillian Eve Nourishing Cuticle Oil -  My cuticles tend to dry and crack in cooler weather.  I've been using this daily to help prevent that.  It feels so nice on my cuticles.
EO Sanitizer - EO stands for Essential Oils.  This hand sanitizer has a such a pretty scent.  It is light and fits nicely in my purse.  I really like that it doesn't contain products that are harmful to my skin.
Bonnie Ultra Shine Lip Gloss - This lip gloss feels great on my lips and the color is perfect for my skin tone.  I wear it every day.  I love the cooling feeling it has from the hint of peppermint that is i…

Zoe Hopkins Balance Beads #ZoeHopkins

Zoe Hopkin's philosophy is that life is all about balance.  She created these delicate balance beads to be worn as a reminder to for us to focus on keeping life in balance, staying humble during peaks and hopeful during lows.
I love her philosophy and I can really relate to it.  I also like the concept behind the balance bracelet.  I often find myself writing little notes or putting a rubber band on my wrist or finger to remind me  to stay focused or positive at times when things don't seem to be going on course.
These bracelets are a much prettier way to remind myself.

These pretty balance beads are made from silicone and are very easy to care for.  They can be worn by both male and female and are available on Amazon.


LIFE IS A BALANCE of holding on and letting go. Zoe Hopkins Balance Bracelets are Silicon Beaded wristbands reminding you of balance in your life.Created to serve as a REMINDER TO THE WEARER to strive for a BALANCED LIFE - staying HUMBLE during life'…

Enjoy a Healthy Halloween with @ThriveMkt

Halloween is in the air—and we're already craving the pumpkin­y goodness that comes along
with the start of fall. 'Tis the season when you'll find pumpkin in everything from lattes, to
candles, to pies, to donuts.

If you’ve got an autumn full of apple picking, hay rides, and quality time with your family
planned, you’ll need to provide plenty of snacks and tasty treats. That’s where Thrive Market
comes in. No matter what fall goodies you like to indulge in, this online shopping club has you

And we’re talking about more than just organic and non­GMO Halloween candy. For all the
bakers out there, Thrive Market has an incredible selection of organic spices and seasonings,
flours and baking mixes, everything from pumpkin puree to pumpkin bread mix, and everything
else you might possibly need to whip up Grandma’s famous pie. If DIY isn’t your thing, no
worries—these crunchy pumpkin seeds make a delightful (and seasonal!) snack, as do these
pumpkin granola bars!

This w…

Entertain Your Guests With the Mixologist Shaker #mixologistworld

I am very pleased with the quality of the Mixologist World Cocktail Shaker.  It is attractive and sturdy.  The bonus cocktail ebook and jigger are a welcome bonus.

This set is packaged well and makes a wonderful addition to any bar or serving table.  This would also make a great gift.

Learn more by visiting:

If there is one tool that is absolutely essential for making cocktails, that’s the Mixologist World shaker. Whether you’re shaking up a Martini or an  Aviation, your cocktail shaker is certain to be the most used piece of your bar equipment.   The Mixologist World shaker is designed to help you make your cocktails with ease. Featuring a built-in strainer, from stainless steel, the Mixologist shaker doesn't require any further tools. Preparing the perfect drink becomes a child’s play!

Make drinks like a professional.  Save money while entertaining your guests.

Makes a beautiful gift.

Bonus jigger and cocktail recipe ebook included.


#FREE Spooktacular Delicious Recipes and #Party Tips For #Halloween From Kraft

Get ready for fright night with these delicious and spooktacular recipes from Kraft!  They will be pleasing to all of the little witches and goblins at your party.

Be sure to download the Halloween Survival Guide.  It is loaded with great recipes to make entertaining a breeze.

Halloween Mummy Spinach Dip“Eyeball” CupcakesMMMMonster JigglersRattlesnake Bite Hotdog AppetizersStrawberry GhostsMini Carmel Apple PopsKOOL-AID Jammers Pouches as Ghosts


Disclaimer:  Sponsored Post by Lunchbox

Pumpkins and Ghosts and Bats! Oh My! The Sights of Fall are Spooktacular at @abmasfarm

There is no doubt that Fall is my very favorite time of year.  The sites and sounds and smells are so warm and comforting.

One of my favorite things to do in Fall is visit local Farms.  They have an abundance of activities for little ones and are decorated so beautifully.

One of my favorite farms to visit is Abma's Farm in NJ.   They have hay rides, pumpkin picking, a petting zoo and an abundance of fresh baked goods, produce, meats and so much more.

Every October I visit Abma's and other local farms to pick pumpkins with my family and enjoy warm apple cider and donuts.

We love the festive decor that is seen all over the farm.  It is inspiring and gives me great decorating ideas.

I hope you enjoyed the fun and festive sights and colors of Fall.