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Cutting Board Review #AltonBayBamboo

The Alton Bay Extra Large Bamboo Cutting Board is a beautiful cutting board.  It is almost too pretty to use.

It is wonderful for serving on because it is very attractive and adds beauty to any setting.  With the holidays coming up, I will definitely be serving a beautiful arrangement of fruits, cheeses and meats to my guests on this board.  It will pair beautifully with a wine assortment.

My knives cut smoothly on the board, which is important to me.  I have very sharp knives and I like to have a smooth and steady cutting flow while prepping.  This board has a very nice surface.

Product Description and Care:

EXTRA LARGE BAMBOO CUTTING BOARD 18 X 12 X .8 Inches. Drip groove on the topside catches liquids to protect your counter top and table. The reverse side is smooth with no drip groove.

Quality crafted from Moso Bamboo; Moso bamboo naturally contains anti-microbrial properties; Bamboo is excellent for use as a cutting board because it is harder than Maple wood. This results in a strong board.

Bamboo keeps kitchen knives and cutlery sharper longer than a wood cutting board.

Bamboo is eco-friendly because it is a renewable resource. The plant is not destroyed when the stalks are harvested. The plant regrows tall (up to 50 feet) and strong replacement stalks in 3 to 5 years.

This large cutting board is well suited for preparation of large vegetables and fruits such as Bok Choi, Romain and Watermelon. Carve roasted meats and chicken with confidence that the juices will be in the drip groove not on your table or kitchen counter top. The reverse side can be used as a cheese board to cut and serve cheese, crackers and dips.

EASY TO CARE FOR, just clean after each use with soap in warm running water; rinse well; air dry or use a paper towel and please “do not put me in the dishwasher”.

This beautiful board is available on Amazon.

Disclosure:  I received this board to review for my honest opinion.  Your opinion may differ.