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Give the Gift of Dance #Ballroomdancing

Is anyone else, besides me, addicted to watching ballroom dancing on tv?  I can't get enough of all of the twists and turns and have always wanted to try it myself.

Dance schools can be pretty pricey and honestly, I feel awkward learning to the point of making a complete fool of myself in front of complete strangers.

Thanks to the Dance Crazy Ballroom Dance Mastery System, I can learn step by step lessons progressively in the comfort of my own home.  You will also learn timing of steps, fundamentals and patterns.  

The DVDs are very informative and walk you slowly through all of the steps. 

The instructional DVD includes:






I am having so much fun learning these steps and getting a good workout too!

If you know someone who loves to dance or loves to work out, this 7 dvd set is a great gift!

This set is great for beginners and is available on AMAZON .

Disclosure:   I received this dvd set to review for my honest personal opinionl.