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Elegana 10 Pieces Premium Kitchen Ceramic Knives #Elegana_Ceramic_Knives

Elegana ceramic knives are delicate and beautiful. They come in a beautiful gift box and include a free ceramic peeler.

Each knife has a protective sleeve to protect the blades.

The blades on each knife are extremely sharp and cut beautifully.  The above photo demonstrates how well they cut onions with ease.

Thicker vegetables, like peppers are also cut precisely and easily.

I was able to easily achieve thin slices with my citrus.

This is a lovely set to give as a gift to your favorite cook or foodie.

Why use ceramic knives from Elegana?

•All knives come along with protective blade covers. You can feel 100% safe when storing them. They are also germ resistant.
•It includes a bonus, practical and easy to use high quality ceramic peeler.
•You get the best value for your money: 3" Paring ceramic knife, 4" Fruit ceramic knife, 5" Santoku ceramic knife, 6" Chef ceramic knife, multi-purpose cermic peeler and a microfiber cleaning cloth.
•This amazing knife set is packaged in a beautiful gift box.
•These ceramic knives can better than steel knives and can be cleaned easily.


These knives are available on Amazon

Disclosure: I received this product to review for my own personal opinion.  Your opinion may differ.