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Wine Aerator by Vino Aria #vinoaria

The Vino Aria wine aerator helps my wines to breathe.  It is specially designed to fit wine bottles perfectly so it doesn't leak.

It comes beautifully boxed for gift giving or easy storage.

It has a nice sleek design and will last for years.

For those of you who may not be familiar with wine aerators, they help to reduce bitterness and puckering that can sometimes be found in red wines.  

Every wine lover should have a vino aria!

Manufacturer's Notes:

Fits wine bottle perfectly unlike other aerators; which can cause leaks and dripping. Simply pour your wine through the Vino Aria Aerator and into your wine glass. You'll immediately detect noticeably enhanced scents and taste.
This little wonder of a device instantly delivers a more satisfying wine drinking experience through the enhance breather process. It also downplays any bitterness and puckering that are associated with many red wines.
This edition has a unique petal design with a laser engraved logo. The silver ring stands out and adds to the classy look. The rubberized core dries quickly and the sturdy construction of acrylic, you'll be using it for years to come.
Unlike other aerators this is not bulky and it does not require two hands. The aerator offers breathability as it pours with no wait time. This is a highly gifted product, which includes admirable packaging. The black box stands out against the logo.
When you order today, you're protected by our life time guarantee; whether its 10 days from now or 10 months from now. Please let us know; we strive for world-class customer service!

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Disclosure:  I received this product to review for my own personal opinion.  Your opinion may differ.