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Independent Guide Books New York City 2016 #NYC #Travel

This is one book in a series of travel books that are written by Independent Guide Books.

This book is very clearly written and thorough.  It covers many aspects of New York City from the history, people, atmosphere, different areas, eateries, maps, festivals and more.

Unlike a lot of other guides, I didn't feel overwhelmed with information when reading through this guide and looking for what I wanted.

If you plan on visiting the city, this guide really is a must have travel companion.  Consider it a survival guide.

I live in the New York Metro area and this book told me about things that I never even knew existed in the city.   

The book provides some black and white photos of some local attractions and gives you some suggestions on what to do and what to expect when you visit the city.

I really like the font size in the travel guide.  It is easy to read.

One of the unique features of the Independent Guidebooks series is that the books are updated throughout the year and printed on demand, so when you buy the book you will have the latest published version. This means that unlike big publishing houses that print thousands at a time and write up to 18 months in advance, they have all the latest developments when you buy.

This guide is very affordable (under $10) and available in print and for kindle.

You can order the Independent Guide to New York City 2016 by visiting

Disclosure:  I received a copy of this guide to review.