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Pamper Your Feet with Hydrofeet


Hydrofeet Dynamic Liquid Massaging Orthotic Insoles - Best Shoe Inserts Flat Feet - Foot Pain Insoles Relief - Premium Glycerin Filled Insert - Absorbs Shock - Therapeutic Foot Massage Inserts for Plantar Fasciitis -Feet Orthotics Make Happy Feet -3 Year Guarantee

I have always had trouble with my feet, since I was a little girl.  I wore orthotics for most of my life.  They are pretty expensive.  

This product is perfect for anyone who suffers from:

Poor Circulation
Plantar Fasciitis
Hip Pain
Corns & Calluses
Morton's Neuroma
Sore Tired Feet
Back Pain
Foot Pain
Knee Pain
Heel Pain
Peripheral Neuropathy

These Hydrofeet insoles give me support and comfort in my feet and legs at a fraction of the cost.  They help reduce the pain I get in my legs  with the following benefits of liquid technology:

Fatique Reduction
Absorbs Shock
Distributes Weight

I feel a significant difference personally when I wear these in my shoes as opposed to without. I feel like I am walking on cushions of water and my feet don't feel all of the impact because the insoles are helping to absorb it.  It took me a day to get use to the feel of walking on the Hydrofeet insoles because it was a new experience for me.  

Another thing I really like about these insoles is that they are thin and don't change the feel of the fit of my shoes when I use them.  Some insoles are bulky and can make your shoes feel tighter.  These don't do that for me.

HydroFeet® for Women

About the Product

  • Great for Sore Tired Feet, Back Pain, Poor Circulation and Other Medical Conditions
  • Trim to Perfectly Fit Your Favorite Shoes; 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Anti-Microbial Treated for Odor and Mildew Resistance
  • Protects Your Ankles, Knees, Hips and Lower Back When Standing or Walking on Hard Surfaces
  • FDA Approved Glycerin Provides 50 Times the Viscosity and Support of the Cheaper Mineral Based Inserts

Main Benefits and Features 
Arch Support- Hydrofeet Insoles are Dynamic Fluid Orthotics. They can be used with most custom orthotics to absorb the impact while providing better stability.

Cushioning- When the pressure inside the insole has equalized, the foot is floated off the shoe, creating cushioning and shock absorption. This cushioning support changes to anticipate the next impact changing from heel to the ball of your feet, softening the blow the next time your foot hits the ground.

Massage- Alternating heel to toe pressure forces the liquid back and forth, providing a soothing massage, substantially increasing blood circulation to the feet.

Cleaning and Safety- Our water soluble formula won't damage your shoes or clothing if broken, and is safe for children and pets. Inserts may be hand or machine washed. AIR DRY ONLY

Our Guarantee! 

HydroFeet have a 3 year warranty. When registering for your warranty, you can get a SECOND PAIR FREE, just pay $8.95 S/H and allow 5-7 business days for shipping.

Purchase by visiting:

This product is FDA Approved and Non Toxic.  They are machine washable. Air dry.

You can learn more about Hydrofeet by visiting their website at,

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Disclosure:  I received a pair of Hydrofeet to review.


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