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French Placemats and Napkins

When I think of French linens, I think of beautiful patterns and colors that spark my imagination and inspire me to create beautiful table scapes and settings to impress my guests.

These products make beautiful additions to any home and are perfect gifts for anyone special in your life.

You can choose from practical to romantic in patterns ranging from beautiful fruits to aromatic wines patterns.

Here are a few ideas to help inspire your decision.

French-Inspired Dining Experiences

You can draw inspiration from French-inspired recipes to make your next dinner party more exquisite. This same source of inspiration can transform a family dinner into a special event that will leave your family members in awe of your creative and culinary talent. With a little planning, you can arrange an impressive, French-themed romantic picnic that will generate long-lasting, treasured memories. 

Setting the mood in the dining room

Whether it's a dinner party for friends or a night of togetherness for the family, you can quickly and easily add a touch of French design to your dining area. A table cloth or table runner is a good starting point. If your daily lifestyle doesn't support an exquisitely decorated dinner table, you can also use the table cloth or runner as a dining room accessory on a sideboard or as a cover for an accent table instead of packing it away once the dining event is over. Add some matching or complementary French placemats and napkins and a simple, yet elegant floral centerpiece to the table and you have the foundation for a fantastic French theme dining experience.

Rectangular Parisian Style Olives Cotton Tablecloth on Beige

A picnic to remember

Nothing exudes romance more than a French-inspired picnic. It's an ideal way to impress your loved one on their birthday, on a special holiday or on your anniversary. Fill a picnic basket with French Baguettes and an assortment of filling options, French macaroons, your favorite wine and whatever other French cuisine choices you prefer. Set the mood by including napkins with a French motif, fresh flowers and candles. 

Green and Yellow Rectangular Citron Tablecloth

Gift idea

French-themed dining accessories would make a wonderful and unique wedding or housewarming gift. Having those items in the home would encourage someone to take time out of their hectic schedule to enjoy an elegant, romantic brunch or dinner. It's vitally important that a newly married couple continually engage in activities that keep the romance alive, even when their new lifestyle makes new, time consuming demands. Sometimes stepping into a new role can be a bit intimidating. A gift, such as exquisite table accessories, could give a new bride the inspiration needed to begin hosting dinner parties at her new home. 

square Jacquard grapes tablecloth yellow blue

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