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Fill His Stocking with AXE

This holiday season fill his stocking with useful products he’ll love (and so will you)!
AXE has some great new scents including Ice Chill and Apollo.  They both smell so good!  There are also new products including New Stay Fresh On the Go Deodorant Wipes.  These are perfect for him to take to the gym and to keep in his desk, at the office.  
AXE body sprays are great for sports bags and their 2 in 1 hair and body wash will keep our men looking and smelling good from head to toe.

I buy AXE gift sets for my husband and son every Christmas.  They are great bargains and are packed with all of their favorite products in the scents they love.
Where to Buy

AXE products are available on Amazon (affiliate link) and other brick and mortar stores.
Use this link to find your product
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Hot DVD Titles for Gift Giving This Holiday Season

Here are some hot titles for gift giving this holiday season from major motion picture companies, including 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment and Cinedigm.


Overcomer (Blu-ray) / Kendrick Brothers 6-Movie Box Set (DVD)
Release Date: December 17

High school basketball coach John Harrison and his team face an uncertain future when their town's largest manufacturing plant shuts down unexpectedly. As hundreds of people move away, John reluctantly agrees to coach cross-country, a sport he doesn't even like. His outlook soon changes when he meets Hannah Scott, an unlikely runner who pushes herself to the limit. Inspired by the words and prayers of a new friend, John starts to train Hannah for the biggest race of her young life.

Available on Amazon


Release Date: October 1
A zombie apocalypse threatens the sleepy town of Little Haven -at Christmas -forcing Anna and her friends to fig…

Wine Insiders Club and Tips for Wine Pairing

Disclosure:  I received product to review.  All opinions expressed are my own.


I know many of you like to give the gift of a nice bottle of wine to wine lovers on your wish list, or to coworkers in the office.  I often bring a bottle of wine and dessert to homes that I am welcomed into for the holidays.  It is my way of saying thank you.

WineInsiders is a site dedicated to helping wine connoisseurs find the best wine for them. With holiday season right around the corner that means that finding the right wine for family dinners is a must. When you buy through WineInsiders you are able to choose from all your favorite brands in a simple manner. You can choose a single wine bottle starting at $9.99 to curated packs of award winning wines. Through WineInsiders you can decide on your perfect wine bottle by browsing through tasting notes and customer reviews for any bottle on the site.  There are also Holiday Gift Sets Available. 

I received some i… and Disney Store Unveil 2019 Black Friday Deals and Disney Store Unveil 2019 Black Friday Deals

Starting today, Guests can save up to 40 percent off select Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel gifts both in-store and online
Today, | Disney store announced 2019 Black Friday deals. Guests will find hundreds of Disney, Pixar, Star Wars and Marvel toys, home d├ęcor, apparel and gifts up to 40 percent off, in-stores and online. Be on the lookout for toys and products inspired by the theatrical releases of Disney Frozen 2,Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and Disney•Pixar Toy Story 4 as well as fan favorites like Disney Animators’ Collection, Deluxe Figure Playsets and special Holiday plush.

Additional dates for new and limited availability product this Holiday at | Disney store include:Sunday, November 17: Complimentary Mickey’s Holiday Express-themed collectible key available with purchase of $10 or more online and in-store, while supplies last 
Saturday, November 30: Sequin Mickey Mouse Plush – (s…

How to See the World and Save Money on a Cruise

Can’t get the thought of Alaska cruise vacations out of your head? Keep dreaming about cruising the Caribbean, but feel like it’s out of reach for your budget? Think again.
While traveling solo can sometimes be a costly venture, doing so as a family or group can be rather affordable. Follow these tips and tricks below and you could find yourself — and your loved ones or friends — sail away on your next Instagram-worthy cruise faster than you might think.

Be Flexible A flexible vacationer is a money-saving vacationer. If you can adjust your vacation dates to coincide with off-season travel, it could mean a big win for your wallet.
For example, September to the beginning of January are great times to snag a bargain price. However, make it a point to avoid the period from Thanksgiving to the end-of-year holiday season, when costs are typically at their highest. Instead, look into late summer and you might be surprised at the money you save.
Consider One-Way Cruising Reposition cruises, or one-…

How to Deal with Winter Emergencies

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels
As winter approaches and the cold weather sets in, we can find ourselves suffering from a range of different winter-related emergencies. From burst pipes and broken-downboilers to car problems caused by icy roads, it can feel like winter brings with it a whole new set of expensive emergencies for you to deal with. Not all of us have spare money or savings sat in the bank, so if something breaks down or needs repairing then it isn’t always easy to find the money for it. However, one of the best ways that you can deal with winter emergencies is by being prepared for what is to come and not to feel overwhelmed by any problems that arise. To make this a bit easier, we have put together this guide on how to deal with winter emergencies, which will include recommendations on where you can get that extra financial support that you need.  Don’t Panic  Firstly, it is important that you don’t panic when winter emergencies occur as this will just make the situation …

How to Make Travelling with Toddlers to Bali Smooth and Enjoyable

Have you set your sights on Bali as the next destination for your family holiday? If so, it’s normal to be feeling a bit anxious about it all - let’s face it, international travel with toddlers isn’t always smooth and easy. And it’s not just the travel; once you arrive in the destination, the trip can continue to go off the rails if you haven’t taken the proper steps to plan your family holiday. So, before your talk yourself out of that family trip to Bali, here’s a look at some tips you can use that will ensure it’s a success. It Starts with Careful Planning Just like with any trip, a successful family trip to an international destination starts with careful planning. You want to be sure you take the time to consider everything, such what time your flight will be, how many stopovers you can handle, the area you want to stay in once you reach Bali, what style of vacation you want (beach vs something a bit more active and gets you out exploring), if you need transportation once in Bali, h…