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Gancube Takes Your Cube Game to a Whole New Level

I love cube games, although I’ve never been able to personally figure one out.  I remember back in the 70s when cube games began to take the world by storm. Everyone was obsessed with solving the cubes and we were all in awe when someone did.  Cubes are now even more challenging and new ones are constantly being created.

It’s time to challenge your mind with GANCUBE, the hot cube games taking speedcubing to a whole new level. You have not seen anything like these cubes.  They will keep your mind busy trying to figure out to solve them.


GANCUBE  has a multitude of products available for your speedcubing pleasure including:



Lite Cubes

Infinity Customize

GAN Aliens

Cubing Sets



GANCUBE was founded by Mr. Gan-Yuan Jiang, a speedcubing pioneer from China. He has created many products like the Gan11M Pro, Gan 356 XS, Magnetic and Light Series and more.  They have sold in more than 100 countries and regions around the world. Their goal is to provide the best products and service to cubers everywhere.

Team Gan Gurus

Team Gan Gurus has been developed by Gancube and gathered top cube players, including Felix Zemdegs, Max Park and Philipp Meyer to help them break world records all over.  The Team Gan Guru devotes it’s time to world competitions like the WCA World Championship and Redbull World Championship. Their goal is to push speedcubing as a sport globally.

Smart Cubing

Gancube started developing smart cubes in 2019 and created intelligent products like GAN 356 i series and GAN ROBOT, as well as the popular Cube Station app GANCUBE.  They are constantly working on new smart and intelligent toys and apps for challengers to enjoy.

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